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World Record Holder Dao Xuan Tinh and the passion for collecting antique Peugeot bicycles

We have known the reputation of Record holder Dao Xuan Tinh since a few years ago, but it was not until early April 2023 that we had the opportunity to meet and visit the beautiful mansion – where his antique Peugeot bicycles are displayed as well as many other of his beautiful collectibles.

He is a world record holder with nearly 20 years of collecting antique Peugeot bicycles and has been set a record by the Asian Record Organization, World Records Union. Peugeot is produced in the French Republic the most in the world. Currently, he owns more than 200 antique bicycles with many different models and designs. These bikes are all from France before 1975. There are bikes manufactured in 1945 and there are many bikes in the world that only he owns now. The reason why he achieved this feat, the answer is probably only because of his intense love and passion for the antique Peugeot bicycle brand.


To have the opportunity to see with our own eyes the ancient bicycles in the high-class mansion, we must thank the invitation of businessman Khuc Thi Dau – wife of Record holder Dao Xuan Tinh.

We left Hanoi on a cold April morning after a few days of rain, a beautiful weather for us to roam and bike around to enjoy the outdoors. The mansion of record holder Dao Xuan Tinh is located at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. This mansion is the first hotel-museum model in Vietnam. With a total area of up to 1000m2, located in a prime location on a pine hill known as the Da Lat of the North, the villa is most appreciated at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort (Top 10 most beautiful resorts in the world). with 6 modern comfortable bedrooms with exquisite Indochinese design.

The mansion was named Hilltop H211 with the overall architecture being the interference between French architecture and Asian architecture. The owner of the mansion has been meticulous from collecting special items such as painstakingly buying an ancient Hanoi electric pole to plant in the mansion’s garden to finding and buying rare twisted cherry trees from the South. to grow into a beautiful garden. Especially, these acerola trees bear fruit all year round, so in the garden, the birds are always chirping here to enjoy the sweet red and berry fruits, which makes the nature around the mansion even more perfect…

Visitors to this place have commented that: “coming to the Hilltop H211 Mansion is to see the architecture,
touch the time and play with color”.


Record holder Dao Xuan Tinh can be called a classic romantic. He is a native of Hanoi, now in his 60s, but he still possesses a standard body, a face with a romantic style and a rare elegant appearance. He is a lover of European culture, loves precious European inventions, in which he has a special affection for French Peugeot bicycles.

In such a beautiful morning in such a poetic space, we had a short conversation with him.

When did you start collecting?

I started from my high school years (about 1973 – 1976), then it was just a special love for this bike and all I have now is just a dream.

What made you a collector of antique Peugeot bicycles?

Peugeot bicycles remind me of the beautiful memories of my childhood, remind me of the old nostalgia of Hanoi. At that time, a Peugeot bicycle cost a few gold trees, equivalent to an apartment of several tens of square meters. Before 1970, only well-to-do families were able to own Peugeot bicycles. Each bike has a license plate and certificate of ownership. Peugeot bicycle is not only a means of transportation but it is also a beauty of art, I was captivated by the luxurious design, the sophistication in every detail of the Peugeot bicycles.

What requirements must the bicycles met for you to choose to include in the collection?

One is that the bicycles has to be old, two is original, and three is still in good use. If these 3 criteria are met, even if I am far away from abroad, I will find all ways to contact its owner, go to the place and buy it no matter how high the price is.

What special memories do you have about the times you went to buy a bicycle, the difficulty of finding, the thrill and the joy of buying those precious items?

As owners of antique Peugeot bicycles, they are
very generous, financial problems are not important to them, there are owners of Peugeot bicycles because they realize that I have the same special love for them. Peugeot bicycles that they had agreed to cede, although many people had paid them very high prices before. This is difficult to say in words because the old Peugeot bike with its owner is both a memory and a memory of his father, family and lineage, so they always keep and cherish and consider the car as a Indispensable family memento. They only agree to cede them when they meet conscientious collectors who know how to cherish, cherish and preserve those memorabilia.

In the Peugeot bicycle collection, I focus on collecting Peugeot bicycles in pairs of men and women. This is not available to all bike collectors. To me, antique Peugeot bicycles are considered as friends, these bikes have a story and a life according to their owners. The interesting thing is that only in bicycles, there are men’s bicycles and women’s bicycles, but not cars or motorbikes. So every time I collect a new bike, I try to find and collect another one at the right time, in the right color, so that they also have pairs. Currently, I have collected several dozen pairs of Peugeot bicycles made in France with different colors and designs.

Each bike in the collection is a story, all of which remind me of the search process, year of manufacture, who is the owner, how is the quality, how was the buying situation .. It’s difficult to collect bikes, it’s even more difficult to make bikes with pairs, including a pair of milk-colored Peugeot men’s bicycles manufactured before 1950 when I’ve been around for 10 years. can find a female bike to pair. Or the Peugeot bicycle manufactured before 1954 also took me 8 years to buy a female bike with the pair…

Once, when I found a male Peugeot, its owner cried when it was delivered to me. At that time, I only said one thing, from now on I will take care of your brainchild and go find a “girlfriend” for him. Finally, after 15 years, I also found a female bicycles of the same color, same life and now they have become a prestigious couple that I love.

Is there anything more special about Peugeot bicycles?

The Peugeot bike collector is also extremely knowledgeable about this supposed “royal” bike line. Peugeot bicycles are meticulously designed, sophisticated and have different points compared to conventional bicycles. The logo of the Peugeo bike is a lion, which is a symbol of the pride of this brand. In addition, when the lion’s position changes, the bicycle has changed to another life. After the 1960s, in addition to changing the logo, the year the bike was produced and manufactured will be stamped on the bike. Those who are knowledgeable about this bike just need to look at the shape, logo and a few spare parts to know the exact year of manufacture and which country the bike is from France to.

Another special thing is that anyone who has ever owned a Peugeot bike is a person who cherishes and takes care of their bike, there are bicycles that I have collected that have been born since 1918. over 100 years but still in good working order.

In order to be able to keep and preserve the collection well, I had to hire skilled, high-tech workers who specialize in maintenance, care and repair to keep the bikes in a shiny and clean condition. good move.

He not only collects and owns antique Peugeot bicycles, it is known that he also collects some other products of this brand?

In addition to the Peugeot bicycles made in the French Republic, in my collection there are 4 Solex motorcycles, 2 Peugeot 101s, 2 Peugeot 102, 1 1970 Motobecan, and hundreds of motorcycles. antique wall and desk clocks, objects that have fascinated many people of my generation. All are extremely meaningful and valuable products. I also collect a lot of Peugeot sewing machines and vintage Seiko Japanese wristwatches.

Your car, also seem to be Peugeot branded cars?

Correct. I love this brand. I own a Peugeot 203 car manufactured in 1948, a Peugeot 404 manufactured in 1962 and a Peugeot 3008 manufactured in 2020. Particularly the Peugeot 3008 is my favorite car, this car is suitable for me. with picnics, road trips or out of town every time I and my family and friends want to go sightseeing somewhere because this car can carry 3 old Peugeot bicycles that I can ride with my wife and friends Sightseeing tour every morning or afternoon at the places I go.

Thank you for your time. Wish you health and happiness.