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WIN-WIN9319 – A history of formation and development

Win-Win 9319 is the abbreviation of WIN-WIN 9319 SERVICES TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, specializing in distributing products in the field of active health care and beauty cosmetic products for the community.


The image of two interlocking Ws symbolizes Win – Win (we all win, we all have the same rights, the big W covering the small W symbolizes patronage, leading, loving, and supporting each other). The two letters W are purple, symbolizing the color of faithfulness, integrity and honesty.

The circle inside the two letters W represents the spirit of solidarity and unity, symbolizing a long-term
commitment. The yellow color of the circle represents faith and hope for a bright future and good fortunes.
Number 9319 has the meaning of vitality, health, eternal life, glory and wealth.

The triangle below the circle represents a tripod:

Good product, good company and good team, to help the whole team realize their dreams.

The logo is shaped like a blooming lotus flower, symbolizing the rise, purity, nobility, cleanliness, close to mud but not smelling of mud.

Overall, the logo symbolizes solidarity, showing the culture, discipline, good attitude, responsibility and dedication of each member.


In 2018, grasping the trend of the proactive health care industry, Ms. Le Ngoc My along with a few friends in many different fields but shared a common goal: “Everyone wants to be healthy and happy, young, beautiful and have a good quality of life”.

These friends who initially started the business with her is: Mr. Vo Hong Tam – Former Lieutenant Colonel an officer of Vietnam People’s Army, Ms. Hoang Thi Bich Thuy – Freelance entrepreneur, Ms. Nguyen Pham Truc Uyen – Beauty Spa Owner, Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhu – Former Director of an English Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao Loan – Freelance businesswoman.

With that determination and same direction, Win-Win 9319 was established on May 19, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the motto “Choosing excellent health”.

Right from the first days of establishment, the Company operated with many difficulties in all aspects, there were many skeptics, no one believed that Win-Win 9319 could do it, making a reputation for its short existence and some people had given up. However, the outcome of today is that Win-Win 9319 has not only existed very strongly but also continuously to developed, gradually affirming its name and the brand 9319 firmly in the market, creating a solid position throughout 63 provinces and cities across the country and reaching out to the world.

Based on Decision No. 999/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated August 12, 2019 on promoting the sharing economic model, Win-Win 9319 has perfectly combined both online and offline to help thousands of members and collaborators to improve their knowledge, skills, experience, and standardize the sharing economy in accordance with the law and in accordance with social changes.


In particular, since collaborating with Bitney Fans Club on March 9, 2020, Win-Win 9319 has had outstanding growth and comprehensive changes. With the Multi Juice instant tea product originating from Malaysia and exclusively imported by Bitney Vietnam Company, Win-Win 9319 is one of the official development and distribution collaborators.

With a firm commitment to bringing health and wealth opportunities to all walks of life with the “Painless Consumption” program of Dr. Ricky Beh – Chairman of Bitney Fans Club, Win-Win 9319 has the absolute and firm belief in the Bitney platform he founded and leads.

Win-Win 9319 currently develops a collaborator system of more than 10,000 people across 63 provinces and cities nationwide and internationally. The Win-Win 9319 brand is not only a name and reputation but also an image of credibility and professional ethics. Win-Win 9319 regularly teaches members and collaborators to have cultural awareness and solidarity, good disciplined, mastery of knowledge, business skills, good attitude and responsibility, especially with a good spirit of dedication, only then will the company be sustainable and continuously grow.

In addition to business development, Win-Win 9319 recognizes that charity activities are humanitarian activities, consistent with the culture and ethics of our people, in order to contribute to the community in
solving difficulties for the poor, peoples in extremely difficult circumstances, and those in remote localities
that still lack infrastructure and conditions to care for their material and spiritual lives. Through recent activities, the company has contributed to inspiring patriotism, those whom has many care for those whom has few, evoking love and the spirit of solidarity inherent in each member and collaborator.

That achievement does not belong to anyone but is an honor for everyone who has contributed to building the Win-Win 9319 house. Those contributions are always remembered, respected, preserved and promoted.

Especially the team of lecturers and experts, working day and night, coaching and training to support customers and collaborators to improve their knowledge, skills and experience in the sharing economy with the spirit of sharing collective benefit comes first.

In 2024 and the following years, the economy will face many difficulties and challenges due to the post-covid 19 pandemic. However, with the 50-year vision and each roadmap strategy of Dr. Ricky Beh – Chairman, founder of Bitney Fans Club, under the guidance of Dato Nick Lim – Director of Global Business Development, Mr. Tat Van Hao – Director of Bitney Vietnam, Win-Win 9319 believes that with belief, determination and solidarity of 9319 that has a history of more than 5 years, will be a solid foundation for us to overcome challenges together, achieve new achievements in our business career and spread more mainstream proactive health care values to the community and the whole society.