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Van Pham: Yoga for a better health and brighter intelligence

For Van Pham, yoga is considered as a source of strength for those who want to live with their full 100% vitality. Van has always been admired by her friends because she had come from a weak cancer survivor, to now a healthy woman with a toned body and lively muscles. It is the result of serious and diligent yoga practice. While sharing with us her story, Van confided: “Yoga is a part of life. Yoga is great if you learn to really love it. You just need to breathe properly and let things happen on their own. It’s a great exercise for the mind, body, and for the soul.”

Van often wears tight body clothes to show off her small waist and admirable toned body. She also often shares pictures of herself doing flexibility exercises at home.

Every week, she spends 5 days practicing yoga, 60 minutes with each session. According to her, yoga is the method that helps her become healthy and stay in good spirits for her business. “Yoga gives me a feeling of relaxation that nothing else can give.”

You will be surprised with Van Pham’s extremely supple body, on her’s facebook, she always show her follower how she directs her easy body bending movements.

As an auto parts dealer, Van Pham is as flexibles and agiles as a warrior, but with her fashion, she is gentle and feminine. This gentle transformation is all thanks to yoga. She shared that, women who work in business are prone to terrible stress, insomnia and rapid body aging, that’s why she turns to yoga. Thanks to yoga, she has a clear mind for her work and a strong healthy body to take care of her family. “Yoga to me is a moment to relieve stress and to listen to myself” – Van Pham