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TRAN THI MY PHUONG – When opportunity knocks, one must know how to SEIZE IT AND TAKE ACTION

My Phuong comes from Bao Loc City, but she has been living and working in Ho Chi Minh City for many years. My Phuong started her entrepreneurial journey in the fashion industry, opening a fashion store in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in wholesale fashion for all three regions of Vietnam: North, Central, and South. The business was moderately successful. However, just as things were looking promising, the pandemic struck, leaving severe consequences in its wake. The store had to close, goods couldn’t be transported, key customers failed to pay, yet My Phuong still had to repay the company, leading her to borrow from the bank and repay over VND 30 million in interest each month.

The prolonged financial difficulties made it impossible for My Phuong to cover rent and staff wages. Additionally, before the pandemic, she lost money in over 10 financial and real estate projects. From a successful businesswoman, she became penniless, even drowning in debt, and her mental health declined.
There were times when she suffered from depression, leading to weakened health and the reoccurrence of
several illnesses, the most severe being calcium kidney stones, Helicobacter pylori gastric inflammation,
irregular heartbeat, fatty liver, acid reflux, sinusitis, and inflammation of the uterus. Despite the chaos, she
quickly reassured her spirit. The resilience of someone who had struggled through the ups and downs in the
business world prevented her from collapsing. My Phuong believed that if she didn’t lift her spirits, no one else could help her, and rebuilding her business and finance situation would be much more challenging.

At that time, My Phuong realized that she needed to be in excellent health and have a stronger mindset
than before. This was the reason she devoted time to explore health care products for herself. She believed
that to regain the past successes, she needed to be young, healthy, and beautiful. During her research,
My Phuong met Bich Thuy, a member of the Bitney community, represented in Vietnam by the company
Win-Win 9319, led by Director Le Ngoc Mi. During this fateful encounter, My Phuong learned about Multi Juice, known for its ability to control and treat diseases, perfectly aligning with her needs. She decided to purchase and use it immediately.

My Phuong was even more pleased when the product was guaranteed by the corporation, and the money spent not only did not disappear but also resulted in receiving valuable assets with a value increase from 5 to 10 times. After using the product for a while, her illnesses gradually reduced and eventually disappeared. Confident in the product, she bought more for her mother and sister, both of whom experienced excellent results in treating various ailments. Recognizing this as a good opportunity for herself and her family, My Phuong decided to become a distributor of the product with Win-Win 9319.

How did you start working with Win-Win 9319?

Every day, I take the time to share the product I
have used with many people in a mindset of sharing the luck that I have been given by those who came before. The more people who receive my sharing, the more the product’s reputation spreads. The values I create for others also become opportunities to increase my income. Doing this job, I always feel joyful, light, and comfortable compared to my previous work. My current job makes life more meaningful, and my personal value is elevated. I appreciate myself more.

When did you officially start working with Win-Win 9319? Is your income good now?

In November 2021, I officially became a distributor of the Multi Juice product from the Bitney Fans Club with Win-Win 9319. Currently, my monthly income fluctuates from 40 to 50 million VND, and at its highest, I earned 200 million VND per month. What I like most is that I can work while still having time for my children and family. Additionally, I have many opportunities to travel domestically and internationally with colleagues from the company. Perhaps that is the reward for those who truly strive for themselves, for others, and for a brighter future.

I like the philosophy of “give, and life will give you more in return.” I live and work sincerely, devoting myself to goals and plans. As people used to say, “virtue pays off.” My goal for the next two years is to help about 1,000 people have a better and wealthier life.

What do you like most about the opportunity to collaborate with Win-Win 9319?

Thanks to using the product with results and sharing it with others, I receive daily liquidity from Director Ngoc Mi. I am trained in product knowledge, learning positive thinking from colleagues and from Mr. Vo Hong Tam in Zoom sessions. Especially, thanks to the consumer policy of giving back, I now own a lot of assets. With Bitney Fans Club’s enriching consumption policy – painless consumption I not only cured all my illnesses but also have the opportunity to become richer every day.

Which statement impressed you and made you decide to choose this opportunity?

It is the statement from Sponsor Vo Hong Tam: “Have you ever seen a university commit to earning $50,000 for you within 4 years after graduation? But with the opportunity to collaborate with Bitney Fans Club and Win-Win 9319, it’s certain that you will.” And it’s true. In just one year, I earned $50,000 from the sharing points liquidity by Director Le Ngoc Mi every day.

After two years of collaboration with Bitney Fans Club and Win-Win 9319, I have helped myself and many people improve their health and quality of life in and out of the country.

I thank Ms. Le Ngoc Mi – Director of Win-Win 9319, and Mr. Vo Hong Tam – two talented and caring captains, who have helped me and over 10,000 Win-Win 9319 members have good incomes and are steadily growing.

Thank you. I wish you more happiness and success.