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TONG KIM GIAO CEO of Motiti Group And the journey to success in Japan

Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, class 1981-1986, as an engineer, Tong Kim Giao’s job should have been a boring and plain job fill with numbers. However, the word “fate” brought her to Japan in 1989, pushed her to start working in many different industries.

After 33 years in Japan, she has experienced countless jobs from teaching, online retail, travel works, selling airline tickets, opening restaurants, organizing performances, importing and exporting, OEM-ODM, distributor, real estate, transportation, drug store, beauty salon… What I’m most proud of is that whatever industry she’s been through, she’s almost always the leader who pave the way for Vietnamese people in Japan
in that industry.

As a guide, she has gone through every difficulty. But it was those difficulties that gave her the motivation
to bring all her enthusiasm to explore.

Many Vietnamese people now come to Japan, the exchange from culture to goods is much different from the past, the life of Vietnamese people has also improved, so the need to use better products to live healthier. , more beautiful has become the need of the majority … Because of those needs, the task of the people working as a bridge between JapaneseVietnamese business is busier and more demanding and requires more effort to meet the demand in time than ever before.


What opportunity brought you to the profession of ODM-OEM products?

I still remember in 2000 my mother was sick, I bought functional foods for her to use, the quality
of the medicine was good, so my mother got better, I hope not only my mother can drink it but also bring
it back to Vietnamese people. use. I boldly called the factory to ask how to buy products at a better price
because the current price at that time was being sold in the Japanese market, the Vietnamese said it was
expensive. The factory offered me to do the monopoly but the sales pressure was too high I couldn’t do it, so
I asked them to make the same quality as the product I bought in Japan but the packaging was separate
for me in small quantities. than. They agreed, so the profession of ODM – OEM products has been with
me ever since.

With the point of view of putting myself in the position of the consumer, I always want consumers to be satisfied with the quality of the product, with a perfectionist mindset, so I always set the production standards as: Best quality raw materials, the best manufacturer. Large machines must have GMP/ISO, products must be researched with the most advanced technology, products of the highest quality from form to content, profit is not the problem, but how to make the product quality. The best quality, the most effective, the most satisfied consumers.


As someone who has a lot of experience in trading and distributing Japanese goods to the Vietnamese market, what do you think about this field?

Japanese goods have now come to the Vietnamese market with a wide variety of products, but bringing Japanese domestic products to Vietnam may still face some obstacles such as supply less than demand. , or
the product is not suitable for Vietnamese consumers’ views and concerns, or the design is not suitable, especially the fierce competition between Vietnamese units working under the same brand leads to your not
being able to buy the product. still control the selling price, no longer control the game.

It is for the above reasons that some Vietnamese businesses want to own a private label of cosmetics, functional foods, and machinery with their own names with high quality made in Japan to raise the bar.
Since 15 years ago when many people were still not familiar with OEM production, MOTITI GROUP
has been a leader in building a series of private labels, so far our success has been to build a Some sustainable
brands are loved by customers due to their high quality, acceptable prices…

It is known that she is also an experienced person in the field of consulting and guidance to help an investor become the owner of the investor’s own products with the most satisfactory products?

We are proud to be the oldest company in Japan in the field of OEM-ODM-PB own brand building with brands with the most advanced technology, components from input materials to products. was born to guarantee the highest quality, the best price to give you the highest possible profit.

We will advise you on initiatives from the content to the form of the product, giving you a variety of choices with a variety of topics from the research labs with the latest cutting-edge inventions.

You will have all the documents and documents from the Japanese functional units such as CFSfactory with GMP guaranteeing Japanese regulations on goods quality, as well as support for you. can legalize official status when bringing goods to Vietnam.

What are the benefits of building your own brand?

  • When you are the owner of a brand, you can create for yourself a completely new product according to the content you require.
  • You can also keep the quality of the content inside of a product you love, just change the packaging at your discretion.
  • You can freely adjust the price, own your business without depending on anyone.
  • You can own a small batch of goods, without the pressure of sales like when you monopolize a certain brand.
  • You can advertise the product without worrying that the advertising will be taken away because the product is yours.
  • You will elevate your own business by your product.
  • You can buy high quality products, manufactured by large Japanese factories for yourself at the best price, bringing the highest profit for your business.
  • You will import and export goods officially so you will have peace of mind in long-term business.
  • You will be consulted and supported wholeheartedly with the smallest initial investment amount.
  • You will come to Japan to personally exchange and learn from Makers – Factory.

Thank you for taking the time. Wishing you good health and continued success.