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President of Vietnam Business Association in Japan TONG KIM GIAO and the mission of connecting enterprises

It is known that you has just recently taken office as the President of the Vietnam Business Association in Japan which is a long-standing and prestigious association in Japan. My congratulations to you.

Thank you for your kind words, I am very honored for this position in this new term and I will try to contribute to the bridge that connecting the trade between Vietnam and Japan. I see this as both an honor and a responsibility, I have also been with the Association for many years, so I know that I need to make more efforts in order to serve and contribute to the Association’s development.

With the mission of attracting and linking the strength of member’s enterprises in order to expand, support and develop business activities, contribute to the development of the  usiness community as well as sustainable cooperation relations between Japan and Vietnam. You must be looking at very busy term to come?

During this term, our Association aims to expand the network of official member, enterprises in Japan and associate members which are enterprises in Vietnam around the world.

Our mission is to create a business-friendly environment to encourage the exchange of information, innovation and creativity, creating a connection between Vietnamese enterprises globally. Our mission is also to develop an affiliate system that turns enterprises from individual operations into a system of supply and demand enterprises to supporting each other.

VJBA Executive Board will work with members to actively seek opportunities for cooperation, trade promotion and create a fair and competitive business environment.

In addition, during this term, we will cooperate with the Associations of Vietnamese Associations in Japan to create friendly exchanges, in order to learn and support each other to rise up, creating a Vietnamese community with a strong reputation that settled in Japan.

In order to strengthen solidarity and positive interaction among members of the Vietnam Business Association in Japan, all members will share experiences, knowledge and resources to develop together. The term 2023-2025 is determined to be an important and pivotal term in the operation of VJBA in the coming years, in which all members are interested and supported for common goal of further development.

With the activities and active support of the Association for enterprises, will we find the operating environment of Vietnamese enterprises in Japan quite favorable?

In Japan, there are many incentives to create conditions for enterprises to develop, here they do not discriminate between Vietnamese or Japanese enterprises, all enterprises are treated equally. Living and working here, we enjoy a very civilized business culture, for example, credibility here is first, delivery is very clear and on time. Banking transactions are also very secure. Doing business in such an environment of trust and peace of mind helps enterprises no longer worry about such little detail and focusing on the work and development. In addition, the working environment here has access to the most advanced and scientific industry, and this is the best thing.

Could you please tell me the conditions to join the Vietnam Business Association in Japan?

The association welcomes all enterprises. All enterprises have the opportunity to join the Association.

The association has 3 members. Official members are enterprises with companies in Japan. The second is associate members, associate members are enterprises in Vietnam or Vietnamese enterprises around the world and Japanese enterprises in Vietnam. The third is honorary members, honorary members are businessmen in large corporations, or enterprises that always accompany or support the Association.

It is known that in addition to working at the Association, you also runs a very reputable business yourself, in the production of OEM and ODM goods to support those who want to build their own brand. So what are the benefits of this?

Building your own brand includes the following benefits:
• When you are the owner of a brand, you can
create for yourself a completely new product according to the content you require.
• You can also keep the quality of the content inside of a product you love, just changing the packaging to your liking.
• You can enhance the product with the highest
quality, when researching products together with
famous Labs here in Japan.
• You can freely adjust the price, own your business without depending on anyone, regardless of market prices.
• You can own a small batch of goods, without
the pressure of sales like when you monopolize a certain brand.

• You can promote the product without fear of the advertising being taken away because the advertised product is only yours.
• You can elevate your own business with your own product.
• You can buy high quality products, produced by large Japanese factories for yourself with the best price, bringing the highest profit for your business.
• You will import and export goods officially, with full product documents, so you will be assured of longterm business.
• You will be consulted and supported wholeheartedly with the smallest initial investment amount.
• You will come to Japan to personally exchange and learn from many Makers – Factory.
• You will get your own brand products that serve you for the long term without fear of losing market share.

How many years of experience do you have in this industry?

As someone with 25 years of experience in the OEM – ODM industry, I can connect customers with dozens of famous factories and the most modern advanced research laboratories. I can help customers meet with Japanese corporations or associations related to products that customers love and want to own with prestige, quality, and dedication. Because credibility is all that we will give to customers.

Thank you, I wish you a successful and productive new term. Wish your company more and more development.