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Phan Thi Bich Chi – Success through sincerity and diligence

Phan Thi Bich Chi, at the age of 49, is renowned for her rapid yet humble and modest success. Currently owning assets exceeding 10 million Bitney coins, a figure that many aspire to, she resides in Đong Nai, diligently spreading the values of prosperity from Win-Win 9319 Company and the BITNEY FANS CLUB daily. Her success story is truly inspirational.


Before encountering the Bitney opportunity, what were you doing? economy of the BITNEY FANS CLUB, I ran a grocery store. Running a grocery Before delving into the shared business was quite hectic; my store had hundreds of items, ranging from sewing needles, detergent, shampoo to household tools—basically, a wide array of products. I was completely engrossed in the retail business, leaving no time for anything else. Due to the busy schedule, I neglected my health and appearance, resulting in a decline in my health and dull skin. On October 13, 2021, Ms. Pham Thi Hien introduced me to a multi-beneficial tea for health and beauty, Multi Juice. After using it for a course, I felt healthier, and my skin became brighter. I found the company’s products to be excellent, immediately approved, and took the time to learn more. I joined Zoom sessions to gain knowledge about business strategies from Win-Win 9319 team.

Is the sharing and promoting aspect challenging for you?

I don’t find it challenging at all. I think the job is straightforward; it’s just about using the product, experiencing positive effects, and sharing it with others. Anyone who sees the product’s effectiveness believes in it and purchases it. Just like me, if I find it good, I buy and use it. The special thing is that, normally, after using a product, we move on. But with products from BITNEY FANS CLUB, when I buy and use them, I receive valuable assets that grow every day.

I used to be involved only in traditional businesses, not familiar with this business. Now that I know about it, I love this business. I don’t find it difficult because I receive daily training on Zoom from the Win-Win 9319 team, and anyone interested can join Zoom to learn. If they find it good, they use it, and when they see results, they continue to spread the word. When I use the product and share it with others, Director Le Ngoc Mi helps me liquidity every day. I am a person with a simple heart and simple thoughts, so when I work, I bring a simple heart to the job. I think if we work for ourselves and others every day, success will eventually come.

Can you introduce a bit about your family?

My husband and I have two children. Our eldest daughter is 24 years old and has graduated from university, while our second child, a 22-year-old, is preparing to graduate. My husband works at his company, and he loves the Multi Juice product, using it daily. I still maintain my grocery business to keep everyone in the family busy and connected, providing an opportunity for me to connect customers with the product-sharing work of BITNEY FANS CLUB.

You are known as someone who achieves success quickly; do you consider yourself lucky?

My luck lies in encountering the BITNEY FANS CLUB opportunity and becoming a member of Win-Win 9319. I am fortunate to work with two leaders who are both dedicated and visionary, Director Le Ngoc Mi and Master Vo Hong Tam. I am someone who strongly believes in luck, and I have discovered that the more I work, the luckier I become. However, success is not random. I believe my success is due to diligence, being willing to learn from colleagues, attending Zoom classes, and diligently using the products to experience their benefits, then continuing to introduce them to others. And, most importantly, there must be love for the work you are doing.

What values do you receive from this job?

The most valuable thing is that I am healthy, thanks to using the company’s excellent products, I no longer worry about strokes, heart attacks, or cardiovascular problems. Both myself and the people I introduce are passionate about the products, consistently using them. After two years of working with Win-Win 9319, I have shared opportunities with 260 people. I am genuinely happy to work with Win-Win 9319, happy that my assets in the company are inherited and passed down to my descendants. I am grateful to Win-Win 9319 and Bitney Fans Club.

Thank you. Wishing you good health, beauty, happiness, and even more success.