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Nguyen Thi Liem – WIN-WIN9319 a place that brought me opportunities and family bonds

The success story of Nguyen Thi Liem, a 38-year-old from Ba Ria – Vung Tau, is simple yet inspiring. She is the youngest in a family of eight siblings. Before entering the field of  istributing Multi Juice product, she practiced traditional medicine as a physician. Life often presents pivotal moments or seemingly insurmountable challenges, and it’s through these experiences that we find it challenging to break through to success. Nguyen Thi Liem came across Multi Juice product due to her mother’s illness. Out of deep love for her mother, she explored every possible way to find a cure for her mother’s heart disease and narrow coronary arteries. In her research, she encountered the shared experiences of a woman named Le Ngoc Mi, the Director of Win-Win 9319. The information shared by Director Ngoc Mi convinced Liem that these products could regulate the disease’s development, support health, and protect against illnesses. Intrigued, she continued to delve deeper into the information. She decided to purchase Multi Juice product, hoping to cure her mother. Initially, Liem was hesitant and didn’t immediately trust the product. Instead, she personally experienced it first.

Nguyen Thi Liem suffered from spinal cord
compression from the 4th to the 6th vertebrae (C3- C6). She often had headaches when she was in high school, which worsened over time. Daily headaches tormented her, leaving her fatigued, drained of energy, and feeling unwell. To alleviate the pain, she had to lie down with her head hanging off the bed. The pain intensified around menstrual cycles. Traditional remedies like acupuncture, cupping, and pain relievers offered no relief.

Initially, when Liem started using Multi Juice product, her symptoms worsened for a short time. Surprisingly, her condition improved significantly after a brief period. Now, she uses the product to maintain good health.

Pleased with the excellent results, Liem introduced the product to her father and then to her siblings. Her
father had high blood pressure and was allergic to medications, requiring frequent visits to the hospital for alternative treatments. However, after using Multi Juice for some time, her father’s blood pressure normalized, and his back condition improved by 90%. He became more mobile and comfortable.

At this point, Liem had complete confidence in the product and felt fortunate to have found what she was looking for. She gave the product to her mother, resulting in significant improvements. Her mother, who was once bedridden and incapable of doing anything, became mobile, handling daily tasks on her own, with a stable heart rate.

Liem herself had struggled with infertility due to prolonged contraceptive use. Luckily, after using Bitney Fans Club’s products, she became pregnant unexpectedly and is currently enjoying a healthy pregnancy. Motivated by her experiences and the well-being of her loved ones, Liem decided to share these values with those seeking healing methods and proactive health care. This is why she joined Win-Win 9319 and Bitney Fans Club.

Since making this decision, Liem has had the opportunity to earn passive income from something she never thought possible. Before collaborating with Win-Win 9319, she was burdened with debt. However, after providing opportunities for others through Bitney Fans Club’s health products, her income significantly improved. She paid off all debts and even bought her own car.

What awards have you achieved from the company?

I started working as a distributor for Multi Juice products on June 13, 2020. After six months, I achieved
the Ruby award, receiving a prize of 10 million VND and 2 gold rings. Since then, every six months, I have consistently achieved milestones and received rewards. I have earned larger awards such as the Emerald award of 50 million VND and the Sponsor King award of 10 gold rings, honored in Da Nang City. I also received the Emerald award of 50 million VND and 4 gold rings, recognized in Malaysia. Recently, I was awarded the Ruby prize and 2 gold rings, acknowledged in Bangkok, Thailand.

You are truly impressive and dynamic, achieving such high accomplishments while being pregnant!

(Laughs) I already have one child, and I’m currently pregnant with my second. Actually, I’m not exceptional; I simply use Multi Juice, record daily product usage videos, and share them online. Whoever is interested can inquire—I don’t actively market or sell the products. I only use them for my extended family’s health and beauty. I share them with guests at home if they are interested. I believe it’s all a matter of fate.

I consider myself fortunate to be a member of Win-Win 9319. I appreciate Director Ngoc Mi for providing me with a unique opportunity in my lifetime. I’m grateful for having the courage to seize the opportunity, bringing positive changes to both myself and my family’s health and lifestyle. I also appreciate Master Vo Hong Tam; thanks to his Zoom lessons, I changed my impoverished mindset. Previously, I didn’t dare to dream and always had negative thoughts. I’m thankful for my teammates who have always supported me. I’m proud that I chose the job I love.

Thank you, and I wish you health, happiness, and even greater success.