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NGUYEN NGOC NHU HUONG – Passion for fashion with Flashback & Wild Daisy

Born in 1991 in Phan Thiet City – Binh Thuan, in a merchant family rich in art and fashion love, Nhu Huong has all the qualities of a creative person. However, like many other young people, Nhu Huong did not follow her passion for fashion as soon as she can because her parents wanted her to go to university, graduate and go to work.

Graduating from grade 12 in Phan Thiet, Nhu Huong went to Saigon to pass the university entrance exam and entered the prestigious RMIT university. After 3 years of study, Nhu Huong graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing business, Nhu Huong worked for an event organization, in charge of marketing and music.

The job is quite interesting and suitable for her, but her passion for fashion still smolders. So recently, she decided to study abroad to major in fashion in order to methodically build her fashion career to turn her dreams into reality.

We had a chat with this special girl.

It is known that Nhu Huong has just won a scholarship to study in France in fashion management. Congratulations Nhu Huong on starting the fashion industry in the fashion capital!

Calling a scholarship is not correct, this study abroad is just because I chose the school and took the exam with the strict requirements of the school, and I was lucky to pass. I would like to accept this congratulation because I too am very happy to be admitted to this school. This is the beginning of learning fashion management professionally, but with fashion, I have been starting for several years now.

By the way, how did you get started?

Starting with just my whims. I want to have fashion for me and for some close friends who have the same taste as me.

I am a person who likes simplicity, the softness of silk, and the rusticity of cotton fabric. I also like the beauty of yarn and wool…But with meticulous standards that mass fashions don’t have.

What is that meticulousness?

I especially love the meticulousness of the needle line. For me, no matter how beautiful a fashion set is, but the needle line is not beautiful, the splint, the border does not guarantee comfort, it is still not a standard fashion set. For example, if I have an overlock, I choose a cotton overlock yarn, not a nylon overclocking yarn. Because nylon fibers will cause itching and very uncomfortable for the wearer. That’s why our products are rarely overlocked, but often choose the method of sewing, sewing to hide the border to create comfort for the wearer, creating perfection for the product.. Can this be done? It is easy because performing these stages must be skillful, technical and experienced workers.


Why did you choose the name of your fashion brand as Flashback & Wild Daisy?

The beauty of daisies is a simple, rustic but delicate beauty. I love fashion from the memory. When I think of a name for my brainchild, I want to evoke a good memory, and be true to the image of the woman I’m usually attracted to. Suddenly, at that moment, the memory of wild daisies appeared, one time I went for a run in the park. The feeling of hope-filled excitement that the daisies gave me in that moment was still there, still making my heart beat faster. Slender, idyllic, unobtrusive, the impression from the contrast between the simplicity and inner strength of that daisy has inspired me and I immediately think of the beauty deep in the soul of Vietnamese women. I was lucky enough to get in touch. I fell in love with that look and I decided to mark the moment with the name Flashback & Wild Daisy

What is the dominant style of Flashback & Wild Daisy?

A blend of classic sensuality with the simple confidence of a modern woman. That is reflected in the cut that truly depicts the strength of a woman’s body, the softness of silk, the sheen of the viscose, the delicate shape of the slanted pins and the skillful seams.

What will you do to affirm your talent and creativity?

Right now, I’m focusing on my studies. And I will give myself some time to relax, immerse myself in the fashion life in the fashion capital to have a sense of style, feel all the beauty of fashion here. I don’t have a clear idea for the next step in Flashback & Wild Daisy but it’s always on my mind. I let my creativity flow here and if an idea lands, I will accept it and try again.

Going to this intensive school, do you want to create a new image of women with meticulously tailored, minimalist outfits that blend the styles they love?

Rather, I want to learn how to “listen” to female guests in a better way. I just think, at this age of 30, if you love fashion, you’ve been in love for a long time, when you start working, you’ve already working, now I need to undergo formal training in fashion management. For me personally, it is not impossible for an outsider to successfully build a fashion brand, but acquiring in-depth knowledge is a way of respecting the industry, thereby expressing one’s own confidently. and more elaborate.

In Vietnam, have you opened a shop for Flashback & Wild Daisy?

I have not opened a shop yet, I just received orders online on a small scale.

If you open a shop, what kind of fashion shop will you open for Flashback & Wild Daisy?

It will be a beautiful, elegant little shop for those who love neatness and sophistication because I want to evoke and lead my guests to the optimistic spirit about the integrity of a Viet product , made by skilled workers in Vietnam. I’m so proud of the small team that worked with me throughout the process. From design, production, pattern, tailoring, editing, images to social, all are talented Vietnamese girls.

With Flashback & Wild Daisy, do you cooperate with anyone or any fashion brand?

Starting from my idea on the page, I discussed it with a close friend, my friend was professionally trained in design in France, and then she made all the drawings as well as the direction of all. both Flashback & Wild Daisy designs. After that, from one luck to another, I was taken care of by another friend in charge of the pattern (the backbone of the product) and a skilled worker with many years in the sewing industry made all the products. Finally, all the products are blown to life under the camera angle of a top girl in the photography world. That’s all I have in my group.

Do you imagine that after finishing your studies in France, you will invest and own your own fashion house or will you be a manager for a famous fashion house?

The future of Flashback & Wild Daisy I still nurture, and becoming a manager for a famous fashion house is my goal after studying in France, but it’s a long way. Right now, I’m just focusing on what I need to do in the near future. Fashion is a special and attractive field, especially for young people, because of its fashion, creativity and flightiness. But to survive it needs a close combination of practicality,endurance and knowledge. Therefore, I always advise my heart to do well every step of the way in the present, learn how to harmonize between emotions and reality management, step by step supporting my dream until it comes true.

Thank you Nhu Huong. Wish Huong always be happy and fulfill her plans.