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Miss Kindness Pham Thi Man beauty from the mind

Miss Pham Thi Man was born in 1981, she is always attached to the image of modesty, modesty and discreet and luxurious dress. Since participating in the Miss Women Global contest in 2021 and winning the title of Miss Nhan Ai until now, Miss Pham Thi Man has increasingly shined and actively brought love to the less fortunate.

1m62 tall with a slim body, completely different from the hot beauties, Pham Thi Man is a pioneer for the trend of elegant dress with costumes that do not try to show all the body curves but still exude beauty has a very unique charm. For Pham Thi Man, the beauty of appearance is not an eternal beauty, but beauty from the heart is eternal beauty. The beauty of the soul will create a warmer feeling for the people around. A person, no matter how beautiful the outside is, can hardly be considered a beautiful person without a beautiful and pure soul. With Miss Pham Thi Man, a person with a beautiful soul is never selfish and always has the will to rise up
in life.

In the past 2022, Miss Kindness Pham Thi Man was honored to receive the title of “Asian Golden Rose” awarded by Global Women’s publication to talented women with integrity and great contributions to the world charity work.


Currently working at RF3W Vietnam, but Miss Pham Thi Man also owns a cafe and manages the family business successfully. Miss Pham Thi Man is a person who devotes a lot of effort and time to charity work, she is always thinking of the poor in difficulty, she often makes plans by herself and with her close friends. good according to his strength. Her charity trips are usually that she and her friends will go to difficult places to give gifts and support money and to share spiritual encouragement for those less fortunate. The message sent is that around us there are many loving hearts of people for people.



On each trip, what do Man and friends usually prepare and where to go?

Me and my friends often order necessities such
as rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, confectionery and other essential necessities and make gifts to give to those in need. The places where I and my friends go are usually mountainous areas, especially the poor districts of the central provinces where people still face many difficulties in life.

It is known that every year, Man takes time to go on a few charity trips, and each trip also takes a whole week, will that have any effect on Man’s husband and children?

Of course, every time I spend time like that, the family business is taken care of by my husband
alone and the children also have to arrange time to support because the business must be constantly unable to close. The door is closed every day. In life, my husband is the one who loves me very much, loves my children and takes good care of my family, so my charity work, my husband also considers it part of his job. I would also like to thank my children for always supporting me.


According to you, is the beauty of the soul or the appearance more important?

In my opinion, both are important. Outward
appearance is the first sympathy we contact with
anyone when we first meet. Therefore, external
beauty is an important factor for others to evaluate
or perceive. But outer beauty cannot decide
everything. Outer beauty is just a shell, the initial
impression by no matter how good the appearance
is, it is easily erased by the blandness of the soul or
the ungainly, rude behavior. Outer beauty is only
truly valuable when a person possesses inner beauty, which is lasting beauty.

You are loved by friends and you considered to be a beautiful in person and beautiful in thought. So how did Man nurture that inner beauty?

(Laugh). Oh, it makes me embarrassed to say that, it’s not modest because I find what I do very simple, nothing special. In my opinion, inner beauty is reflected in each person’s behavior, I just try to do good things every day, do good deeds every day and avoid doing things that hurt others. I never stop learning every day, learning from friends and people around me. In my opinion, in addition to the available beauty, the daily good deeds are the strongest invisible attraction.

What are Man’s good deeds every day, can you share more?

Each person can nourish his or her soul in different
ways. I am just a person who follows the teachings of those who have gone before me to always take care of nurturing love, cultivating altruism, not hating anyone, sympathizing with the suffering of others and bringing joy to others. people who around me. Those simple things will be planted in our hearts to make our souls better and better.

What is the secret to making Man always happy, less blaming others?

I am a positive thinker, so whether life is good
or bad, I calm down and solve my own problems, I
rarely blame others, because I love people who are
happy seem, optimists rather than pessimists. Also,
I always choose to see the good in others rather than focusing on the bad. This helps me to have many friends and helps me to be convenient at work. People have a saying “mind is born general”. When happy, happy, joy overflows into eyes, smiles… and creates charisma. So I always find a reason to choose a positive, optimistic way of life.
Thank you for taking the time to talk, and wish
you and your family a lot of joy and happiness.