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Mi Nguyen – Founder of USVN Investment Inc. (USVNI) : Mission to attract international investment to the US and VIETNAM markets

 Mi Nguyen (also known as Tra Mi) is a young Vietnamese businesswoman who is very successful in investment promotion, business connection and communications. She was a co-founder, President and CEO of G4B (2004-2013). Mi Nguyen is also the founder of VIREC (Vietnam International Real Estate and Entertainment Conference and Exhibition) from 2006 till now. She was the Executive Director of the Vietnam American Business Association – VABA (February 2017- 6/2023). She is a co-founder and is going to directly run USVN Investment Inc.

Over 20 years’ experience in investment promotion, seeking business funding, corporate consultancy, marketing communications, event organization and public relations, Tra Mi is especially interested in applying high technology to business management and operations. In 2002, she was the first person to complete a research project combining e-marketing and traditional marketing to manage and exploit real estate business in Vietnam. The thesis was reviewed by Dr. Tran Du Lich , former Director of the Economic Research Institute of Ho Chi Minh City, and highly appreciated by Former Vice President, Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City/Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan, and Ex-Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment/Secretary of Tien Giang Province Tran The Ngoc.

As a co-founder of G4B company, she directly operated and managed G4B development for nearly 10 years since 2004. VIREC (Vietnam International Real Estate and Entertainment Conference and Exhibition) of G4B is known as a leading brand in Vietnam in investment promotion and international cooperation which specializes in real estate, tourism and entertainment in Vietnam. The series of events VIREC, “Mời đầu tư tại sân nhà” (Invite investors right at our home land) attracted many real estate, investment and tourism companies, consulting firms and major financial institutions in Vietnam. Over 200 prestigious international financial, economic, investment and consulting organizations followed and attended. After 7 series of events, there were more than 400 articles about VIREC. VIREC is not only a series of connecting investment events, but also an extremely valuable source of information for those who are looking for sustainable investment and development in real estates and the world-class entertainment industry.

Before the business trip to Vietnam, Fashionista magazine had a short interview with Tra Mi.

Spending a lot of time working in the US and Vietnam, for Tra Mi, perhaps a mission of “building a bridge” is very important?

That’s right, to myself as well as USVNI, the mission of attracting international investment to the US and Vietnam markets is not only a job but also a mission. USVNI company’s mission is to connect potential offers of investment to the right companies and projects, mergers and acquisitions. We also help US and Vietnamese companies find reliable partners to distribute their products and services to markets abroad.

Tra Mi, what are your key focuses and priorities?

With USVNI’s business and marketing expertise as well as its reputation and our connection with a huge number of investors, I believe that USVNI is the most reliable partner for those who want to grow their business successfully in the United States and Vietnam. 

USVNI can help you to build a plan, start, grow and develop your business sustainably. We and our system help our customers to apply for business licenses, professional licenses, office rental, recruitment, sales
representative, etc.

USVNI Company promotes US and Vietnamese businesses through the USVNI Business and Investment Directory and Portal (USVN BID).

We connect projects with investors, manufacturers with distributors and logistics companies, sellers with buyers, and more. USVNI Company connects leading US and Vietnamese companies and opens up new business opportunities attracting investors from all over the world. You can find further information about USVNI from our website and we are available to connect with you via email, Zalo, WhatsApp, or access to join the USVN Investment Network.

Tra Mi’s business and life perspective?

My business perspective is formed from the experiences of living meaningful and doing good business over the past 20 years. It can be summarized by the only two short sentences that I was taught by two successful businessmen. Australian millionaire Seymour told me, “Tra Mi, go find friends, don’t go make money.” And indeed, there is a saying “Giàu vì bạn” (Being rich thanks to friends) in Vietnam. Mi was also taught by the Danish billionaire Frank, “The sooner you realize your mission, what you are here for, pursue it. You will succeed and more than that you will be free and feel eternity.”

I always believe that “give and you will receive”. People often say “Cho và Nhận” and Americans also often say ‘Give and Take’, which is to give first and receive later. Knowing how to give and appreciate when receiving is an art of living successfully and happily. I am always aiming to live a meaningful life. I have never stop learning and improving myself every day and enjoy every single moment of my life. I respect those who work diligently and live a meaningful life, not only for themselves but also for their families and society .

How long have you been living in the US? Do you have any special business plan during this visit in Vietnam besides your vacation time?

I have been living in the US for more than 10 years. I took my mother and my kid back to Vietnam to visit the family because she had not visited our home for more than 3 years.

Every time I am back home, I feel very happy when I can meet relatives, colleagues, G4B’s brothers and sisters, and friends. During this trip, in addition to meeting with business associations and organizations, meeting with some manufacturing companies who are looking for distributors in the US market, I also meet with a representative of a large financial group concerning an investment in Vietnam’s agricultural industry. I am doing some market research to provide our professional consultancy to international investors who are looking to invest in some big projects in Vietnam. I hope these projects will bring more jobs to the Vietnam labor market.

What is your favorite fashion style?

I like a youthful, polite, aristocratic fashion style, not too ostentatious. (Laugh.)

What does your day look like?

I start my day from 5:30 am till 11 pm as the earliest. My life is quite busy, but I always try to spend time with my family and keep my work life balanced.

Thank you Tra Mi, wish you good health and wish you a happy trip with your family.