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LE NGOC MI – Your success, My happiness

Every individual born into this world carries within them a dream, an aspiration. Dreams are the desires that come from the depths of the heart. Dreams are only realized by those with the determination to act without fear of difficulties. There is a woman who achieved her dream at a young age. That is Ms. Le Ngoc Mi – the Director of Win-Win 9319 Company. Her story is an inspiration for those starting their own ventures and motivation for those aiming to overcome personal limits to fulfill their dreams.

LE NGOC MI  – Director of Win-Win 9319 company


Born in 1988 into a family with a strong business tradition, this influenced the mindset of Le Ngoc Mi – a young girl with a passion for business and freedom. Witnessing the ups and downs of her family, with a desire for a life beyond the ordinary, at the age of 13, Ngoc Mi decided to leave school to pursue a profession “to be her own boss.” Through her own efforts, at the age of 19, Ngoc Mi became the owner of a chain of 3 hair salons and opened her own café. Paradoxically, the more successful she became, the more she felt confined and deprived of freedom.

Recognizing the trend of proactive healthcare, from 2008-2013, Ngoc Mi collaborated with an international corporation from the Russian. From 2014-2016, she collaborated and achieved the first 5-star rank from the New Zealand- colostrum Group. From 2017-2019, she collaborated with a company from Malaysia and was the recipient of the company’s first car reward—a title coveted by all members.

Not stopping there, in 2018, Ngoc Mi, along with like-minded friends from various fields but with a common goal of “Everyone wants to be healthy, young, beautiful, and have a good quality of life,” decided to establish and became the Director of Win-Win 9319 Trading and Services Company Limited with the motto “Choose Excellent Health.” Currently, the company has developed a network of more than 10,000 collaborators across all 63 provinces in the country and internationally.

From March 2020 to the present, she has dedicated all her time to business collaboration with Bitney Fans Club. Ngoc Mi stated that she came to Bitney Fans Club as fate, as an expectation she had been searching for, and what previous companies she collaborated with couldn’t provide—a true sense of freedom.

With the firm commitment to bring health and
wealth opportunities to everyone through Dr. Ricky Beh’s “Painless Consumption” program, Ngoc Mi has absolute confidence and trust in the Bitney platform founded and led by Dr. Ricky Beh.

Ngoc Mi shared, “Choosing is more important than effort. If you choose the right path and are always ready to move forward, sooner or later, you will achieve success.” And currently, that path is Bitney Fans Club. However, to turn dreams into reality, the fundamental first step is to set specific, clear goals and consistently act to achieve results.


Le Ngoc Mi is the embodiment of perseverance
and effort to realize her dreams. After numerous
startups and collaborations with various corporations that almost ended in failure, she was undeterred. For her, challenges are not obstacles but stepping stones to elevate her. Every failure became a lesson learned, and she understood that “You are the one who creates your own path” and decided to establish her own company.

From the early days of establishment, the company faced many challenges, but those became the driving force for Ngoc Mi to channel all her energy into business. “When people turn their backs and doubt, the only way forward is to move forward” she shared on the company’s 5th anniversary.

Without pressure, there are no diamonds. Ngoc Mi shared, “Learn how to create pressure for yourself to rise and shine because no one else will do that for you.”


Successful entrepreneurs worldwide have their principles, and Ngoc Mi is no exception. She shares:
“The first principle is that business must be successful, meaning it must generate income. Ngoc Mi believes that money itself is not evil; in fact, a wealthy person can do more good in the world than someone without money. The key is how we make money, if we understand where it comes from and how we maintain it, can we keep a healthy attitude toward money.

The second principle is that we should enjoy the money, meaning we need to learn how to keep our minds and bodies healthy while making money. Creating assets should not exhaust us physically and mentally to the point where we cannot enjoy the wealth we create. A businessperson who sacrifices their health in the pursuit of business is undermining the true purpose of entrepreneurship.

The third principle is that, after a period of doing business, in addition to making money, we must create some meaningful value, create one positive mark in life. Ngoc Mi understands the truth that “When born, we have empty hands, when we die, we leave with empty hands; only karma and blessings accompany us.” Therefore, throughout our lives, we must find ways to make that prosperity meaningful in a broader sense”.