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Katherine Thuy – A classic and elegant beauty

Known as a intelligent and creative fashion consultant, Katherine Thuy is also admired by other fashionistas because she has a very unique, alluring and free fashion style.

Katherine Thuy is a person with an innocent and sincere personality but has a very established and mature beauty. This has made Thuy have charms and attractiveness to everyone.

The achievement of maintaining her beauty makes many women’s eyes green with envy. Perhaps her secret is that she has always focused on the aesthetic element of fashion and always maintains her own inherent identity.

This time Katherine Thuy was very busy, so after a
few appointments, I had an online interview with her.

A short but interesting interview.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Thuy. It’s great to see that Thuy is still beautiful and somewhat tougher. It is known that this time Thuy only writes and works online, does the lack of fashion to show off like that have any effect on Thuy’s fashion inspirations?

It doesn’t matter, I still have a lot of fashion
inspiration. Because I’m busy with work and busy with love. (Laughs) But on a good day, when I have a little free time, I dress up and go out on the street  right away.

Living in the US – where the fashion life is quite vibrant, Thuy must be very free to explore?

If you are passionate about fashion, you can explore and create anywhere, but it’s true where I live, it’s really
satisfying, the fashion life here is dynamic and diverse,
people like to wear whatever they want. Everyone is
free to express their own fashion sense, not following a trend or being too stereotypical. Such a vibrant fashion
life will stimulate each person to dress more beautifully and creatively.

Thuy has a pretty good writing ability, is Thuy planning to publish her own book?

I have written many chapters – chapters for the most impressive life passages, about 80% of the book already, I plan to finish the book soon. But to release to readers, I have not counted.

As an only child and a person who has much respect for her parents, every time you returns to Vietnam to visit her parents, you has to fly a long way, does Thuy find herself struggling?

My struggles now have nothing to do with the hardships of my parents who have taken care of me since childhood, no matter how much I work, I can’t repay the hard sacrifices my parents made for me.

My parents flew over to visit me last week. I am having very happy days with my parents in America, taking them to visit beautiful places, inviting them to restaurants to enjoy American breakfasts and dinners. There are dishes that parents are not familiar with but they also enjoy with a very special emotion. Having to spend dozens of hours flying here to visit me to have a long vacation with my daughter, going out with my daughter like this is that my parents love me very much. But my parents can only give birth to me, if they don’t love me, who else will they love. (Laugh). These days, I’m feeling very happy and I’m sure my parents are happy too.

It is known that Thuy is still a fashion consultant for some magazines and some brands in Vietnam, so does living in the US cause Thuy to cut this job? 

I also have to give up a lot. Currently, I only spend time as an online fashion consultant for Global Women magazine, Style Point Of View magazine and Fashionista magazine in Vietnam only, because in the US I also have to spend time on many things.

In life, Thuy is most satisfied with herself at what points?

Being a traditional person but breaking the way, I always follow modern trends. Following a positive and simple lifestyle, I like to share good things with people. Are you asking if I am an introvert or an extrovert? Actually, I’m an introvert, like to work online, like to go out for a walk with my lover, like to look at the trees, the flowers and the sky. That’s my lifestyle and hobbies and those are the things I’m most satisfied with about myself.

Now Thuy has achieved a lot of things, success and happiness, so is Thuy still struggling with the dreams of the past?

Although life has become more favorable, I still have wishes to do. The dream of building a fashion brand, even though it’s small, of my own is what I always aspire to. A dream for myself and for others, I also wish to help rural women, the elderly, and children.

To have a unique and distinctive fashion style, according to Thuy, what one much do to achieve this?

Life is inherently diverse and colorful, it would be boring if everyone looked the same. Everyone, everyone
has their own style. Once you’ve figured it out, keep it to yourself. Don’t follow this person for a bit, the other
person is easy to be overshadowed.

Thank you Thuy for your time. Wish Thuy healthy and happy, may Thuy keep her unique style and always be full of joy.