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Huynh Ngoc Chan, born in 1985 in Long An, is the youngest in a family of 8 siblings. Huynh
Chan completed his high school education in Long An, then moved to Ho Chi Minh City for university, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. He further pursued a 4-year study in Singapore and obtained a master’s degree in theology.
With a solid educational foundation, Huynh Chan ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a language center specialized in English training in Binh Duong. However, the business faced numerous challenges and did not go as smoothly as expected. In 2021, when the pandemic struck, his language center could no longer operate and was forced to dissolve. He returned to Long An to do farm work.

Can you share the circumstances that led you to become a distributor of Bitney’s Multi Juice?

“When my business failed, and I returned to Long An, I was also facing health issues. I had stomach pain, allergic rhinitis, and male reproductive weakness. My father-in-law shared the Multi Juice product to help improve my health. Around July 2021, my father-in-law said this was a product that could solve my health problems. I am half- believing, half-skeptical that there could be a product that can solve any issue. However, I think this might be an opportunity, so I won’t allow myself to miss the chance to experience the product for improving health, and I decided to use the product. After being convinced by the product, I joined the Zoom sessions of Team Win-Win 9319.
These sessions helped me understand the painless consumption program of the Bitney Fans Club, where the money spent on products is not lost but is given back from 100% to 118% of the product package value. The more you use, the richer you become. Through these Zoom sessions, I grew personally, received training, and acquired skills to develop a smart earning career, which was entirely new to me.

I am even happier that my job gave me the opportunity to become a member of Team Win-Win 9319, to work, learn, serve, create values, and treasures that are nowhere else to be found. My immediate goal is to help at least 9,319 people improve their health, beauty, and change their quality of life. I am confident that at Win-Win 9319, success is guaranteed.

Here, I want to express deep gratitude to my father-in-law – Mr. Vo Bon – who introduced me to the Bitney opportunity. Thanks to Director Le Ngoc Mi and Sponsor Vo Hong Tam of Win-Win 9319 for providing me with knowledge and skills in the sharing economy, helping me change and grow every day. Thanks to all the colleagues and customers who have trusted and accompanied me over time.

For me, collaborating with Bitney Fans Club is a lifelong career, and Win-Win 9319 is the place where I can fulfill my dreams. I will strive my best to contribute, spread, share, and bring Bitney’s opportunity to more and more people.

How is your small family, and does your wife work in the same company with you?

My wife and I have two children. Our eldest son is 6 years old, and our youngest daughter is 4 years old. My wife has started offering private piano at home to conveniently take care of our children and household, allowing me to have more time for my business career.

When facing obstacles in your work, how do you usually motivate yourself?

What is worthwhile doesn’t fall from the sky but comes from our diligent labor and efforts every hour and every day. Obstacles are just motivation for us to try even harder.

Thank you. I wish you continued success in conquering new achievements.