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HOANG THI BICH THUY and the life philosophy of “GIVING IS RECEIVING”

On the journey to find the formula for success, almost everyone has to go through many obstacles and challenges. Hoang Thi Bich Thuy is no exception; she always seeks opportunities to have passive income, better serving her own and her family’s needs, and, beyond that, helping those in need outside of society.

Thuy used to own a hair salon. In order to increase her income, she managed both the salon and worked as a member of a company. However, the pressure on all fronts, as well as the income source, could not meet her desires, dreams, and plans. Therefore, she courageously invested in the financial sector. However, due to a lack of in-depth knowledge in the financial industry, she suffered significant economic losses. Dreams completely collapsed, and debts and worries pushed her life into a deadlock. At this point, she understood that failure must be paid for not only money but a substantial amount of money. From this experience, she learned a profound lesson and gained valuable insights.


Did that pivotal failure lead you to the opportunity to work with Win-Win 9319?

I distinctly remember on March 11, 2020, I was fortunate to receive information about an excellent product line called Multi Juice and the opportunity to work with the Bitney Group from Ms. Le Ngoc Mi – the director of Win-Win 9319 and Mr. Vo Hong Tam – two individuals whom I always consider as my benefactors and those of my entire family.

After experiences of failure, I saw this as a oncein-a-lifetime golden opportunity. I had to seize it immediately; I couldn’t allow myself to miss out on such a good opportunity. I bought and used Multi Juice right away. Unexpectedly, the product provided results quickly. At the same time, the amount of money I spent on product was not wasted but had potential to multiply from 5 to 10 times. I decided that this job would be my ultimate destination. I had a belief that this was the thing that would help me re-discover myself, find what I had lost, and assert my value in both family and society.

Certainly, this job has brought you many additional values?

I get to do the work I love in the most comfortable mindset, without the anxiety and tension associated with the unpredictable market fluctuations. In this job, I have the best health care conditions. For me, humans are the most valuable asset, and having good health is having everything. We need to take good care of ourselves; only when we are healthy can we have many opportunities to work and have the ability to care for our loved ones. Here, I learn about healthcare, and this knowledge is a useful thing that can help me and many others change their perspectives and improve their quality of life.

Before, due to financial failures, my health deteriorated, but since I joined the team and worked with Win-Win 9319, my health has changed, my appearance has become beautiful, and I have gained confidence. Debts have been resolved. And in less than 3 years, the quality of my life has reached a new level.

I believe in giving is receiving. What I am doing is not only developing my own career but also helping others have a better life. This is not only my aspiration but also the aspiration of all members of the Win-Win 9319 family.

What is your greatest satisfaction so far?

My greatest satisfaction up to now is the life change, filial piety to my parents, taking care of my children, and family. From a zero, now I have what I desire. Therefore, I am willing to dedicate myself to my current job with all my heart and soul. My goal is to help 100,000 to a million people have the opportunity to know about Bitney Fans Club. And I am ready to take action for my dreams along with my colleagues.

I myself am sure of success, so I really want to help others have the opportunity to succeed, have a good opportunity to take care of and protect their health like me. Because everything I have today in Win-Win 9319 has been built by those who came before me as the foundation and standardized system of Bitney Fans Club globally and in Vietnam.

It is known that in just over 3 years of accompanying Bitney Fans Club and Win-Win 9319, you have helped more than 3,000 families change their quality of life, similar to yours?

Human life is becoming more modern, intelligent, and rapidly transitioning into digital technology. We
have many choices to achieve our dreams. Therefore, we only need to make suitable choices and decisions
to shorten the time to reach success. There is nothing better than relying on a pre-established platform; just
add the determined efforts of each individual, and I am confident that everyone will quickly achieve what
they want.

I feel that accompanying Win-Win 9319 for one year is equivalent to working with other companies for 30 years. I would like to express my gratitude to the two benefactors who have changed my life for the better and brought the better health to thousands of families. With the results I have today, I thank my brothers and sisters for their trust and collaboration with me throughout this time, as well as in the future, to achieve health, beauty, and financial growth.

Thank you. I wish you health, beauty, happiness, and success.