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Entrepreneur PHAN THE PHUONG- General Director Of Vietnamese American Link Company Limited : Effort and Success

As a young businessman with a vision and passion for market development, Phan The Phuong has prepared for his business quite the steady steps. In his business story, he always maintains the view of how to manage the company to achieve economic goals but still maintain the chain of value. You can not simply sacrifice a longterm goal for a short-term goal. He always told himself to to keep develop himself, to constantly learn and update to put the business on the right path.

The secret to the success of exporting healthcare foods for Vietnamese’s peoples living abroad

This September, the Stylish People would like to introduce to the readers a portrait of businessman Phan The Phuong – who has always strived to created and gradually succeeded in the marketplace.

Starting a business as an importer, you must have studied foreign trade or your family already has doing this profession?

I am a native of the Southwest region, I was born and raised in Tien Giang province but had time to study and work in Hanoi capital from 1998 to 2005, I graduated from National Economics University in Hanoi.

What is your company’s main product and what is the key market that your company targets?

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical, agricultural and food production. In recent years, my company has invested and expanded its line of health care products with 100% natural ingredients: Ngoc Linh ginseng, bird’s nest, cordyceps. This industry is very favorable and developing at rapid pace, strongly supported by customers due to the serious investment of our company. All products of our company are manufactured according to international standards. Currently, all the highend products of our company are being exported to Japan, to the US. My company is continuing to develop exports to countries with a large Vietnamese community such as Australia, Korea, Canada… to meet the demand for high-quality food products originating from Vietnam to serve overseas Vietnamese people who living abroad.

It is known that in recent years, your company has expanded investment in the processing of health care products and this investment segment is very favorable and is hugely  developing?

Lien Ket Viet My Company is a unit that has participated in the health food industry for many years. The main ingredients are mainly from: ginseng, Bird’s nest, cordyceps…. We are always aware that: “Health is an invaluable asset”. Therefore, our company has seriously invested from the stage of mastering the source of raw materials, mastering the technology, and the factory meeting international standards: GMP – HACCP – ISO 22000 – 2018 – FDA.

With this determination, we are confident that in a short time, Lien Ket Viet My Company will become a reliable supplier for domestic and international markets.

Our company’s cordyceps distuted wine is a product line that I’m very passionate about. Because of my diplomatic work, I often receive important guests, so I prioritize collaborating with experts and universities in the industry to research and produce wines worthy of international standards. When drinking this wine in the evening, the next morning there is no headache, no thirst and especially the body is full of energy. Up to now, I am very happy to be received compliment and supported by the majority of my consumers.

Talking about the bird’s nest collecting and clean durian growing area, we are very confident because we have the family’s long-standing land and have been stably raised and grown. As for durian, we grow according to global GAP standards to serve the demanding market and improve the value of the product by producing it while out-of-season, so we have the advantage of providing customers with year-round sources.

Thank you. Wish your company success and development.