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Entrepreneur Bao Toan – Dress well for success, don’t wait for success to dress well

As a lover of carefully tailored suits, exuding the masculine beauty and charm of men, businessman Bao Toan has created an attractive fashion icon with his admirable career. He is also known as a talented businessman and is the idol of most veston fashionistas.


As the owner of a famous 30-year-old veston brand As the owner of a famous named Bao Toan and the creator of fashionable suits for men, most of the clothes that he chooses are very standard. He is always loyal to his elegant style but is very diverse, not restrictive.

For many years in the tailor industry, he can see what size customers wear without having to meticulously measure, he can even know how many  centimeters a shirt needs to be repaired to better fit the wearer’s body through just one look. Besides  his polite style at the age of 50 makes many people admire.

Although he is no longer young, he still retains the same figure as when he was a teenager and always dresses well, proving to everyone that fashion does not discriminate against age. He believes that it is never too late to become a gentleman. He also has very cool statements that friends often remember and love: “Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have helped many men get good jobs”. For him, dressing well for success, not waiting for success to dress well, everyone has the right to be luxurious and beautiful regardless of position, age…


Dressing well enhances status in the crowd. Some sociological surveys show that in the first moments of meeting, beautiful people are always favored even when they have no power compared to those around them.

Dressing well helps people feel confident about themselves. Thanks to that, you will not be distracted by the surrounding comments but focus on completing the job well. Dressing well is also an expression of sophistication.

Beauty Pageants King – Bao Toan has built the Veston Bao Toan brand – a prestigious men’s fashion brand with his enthusiasm and serious attitude in his work, he has won many awards. In which, there are typical awards such as: “Leading Brand”, “Excellent Sewing Artisan” award, and notably the “Golden Hand” award.

He is respected by everyone because of the maturity and charismatic of a real man. His polite and gentle
demeanor is also a huge plus for him.

Bao Toan is admired by everyone not only in his attractive appearance but also in his elegant, tolerant and considerate manner towards everyone.

Bao Toan often wears suits and he often mixes suits with hats and colorful glasses, very beautiful and stylish. He is an excellent ambassador for veston. It is because of this love of vestons that he has created perfect suits for all customers. The suits of Bao Toan tailor, when put on, everyone feels a completely standard style.

The “Coolest man in the business world” also has something that everyone loves and admires is his composure. He is a person who likes to be calm and always keeps his composure. His friends said that he was that kind of a person from when he was an energetic guy at the age of 25 until now as a calm gentleman at the age of 50, he has always had such an elegant and calm demeanor.