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Entreprener Thao Phan – The beauty and success that grow day by day

2022 is probably a successful year for businessman Thao Phan, getting married and having a son, crowned Miss Global Woman Ambassador and invited to be the Director of Landmak Architects – a company specializing in Advisory for Designing Building.

Congratulations to Thao Phan on a successful year, how do you feel Thao Phan?

First of all, I am very happy with the achievements. It is the result of a process of persistent striving, I cannot do it all myself, but this is also the support of the family of friends and sisters who always support and accompany me.

So can Thao Phan share a little bit about the difficulties she went through to have a stable career like now?

I started my business very early and invested in real estate from the start. Lucky for me, I do everything carefully and with a took in consideration of other point of view myself and other peoples. Thanks to being careful and not greedy, not following the movement, in business there is more to gain than loss. I once opened a construction company, opened a wedding dress business, and went to makeup school to become a makeup expert. Many people want to invite me to open a makeup class, but for me, makeup is just a hobby with art and i only do makeup for my dear sisters, my passion is family, investment and business.

So what does Thao Phan do to harmonize work and family?

It’s impossible to know how much is enough to get rich, so my important life motto is the quality of my life now. No matter what business or investment, you still have to take care of your husband and children and everyone in the house first. And no matter how busy i get, i’m also organizes two vacations for my family during the year. It is these simple things that not only create opportunities for us to make more money in a lighter way, but also orient our goals for a more meaningful life.

Life today is a lot of pressure, according to Thao Phan, to be successful, what barriers must women overcome?

It is true that today there are many advantages for women, but there are also many difficulties that are could consider barriers to women’s success. Like I just have a small child, have to do business and investment, sometimes it’s very stressful, but I think I’m still in working ages, I need to work hard. In my opinion, a woman who wants to succeed needs to have perseverance, the energy to overcome difficulties always cultivate knowledge, expertise, communication skills, keep calm, listen, make timely decisions and Don’t forget to exercise your health and train your personality. A person with poise, elegance, and understanding is sure to be loved and trusted by many. Whatever you do with all your heart, you will surely succeed, and in order to maintain that success, you must know how to keep your reputation.


What is the goal that always comes first in Thao Phan’s life?

My biggest and always top goal is that I and my husband and children and my family are always healthy and happy. Family is the foundation, the motivation that always stands by my side, the most important thing to help me. become more stable in your career, for your passions and dreams.

Thao Phan is loved by her friends because Thao Phan takes beautiful pictures and always pampers her friends to attend many events, where does Thao Phan get so much energy?

For me, taking pictures for friends is a hobby. In addition to times when work is tiring and stressful, going to events with friends is also an opportunity to relieve stress and to exchange and expand business and investment relationships. And I also often invite my husband to go with me so that the couple has the same concerns, relax and let him understand that going to the event is also very hard (laughs).

Thank you Thao Phan for the chat, wish Thao Phan more and more beautiful and achieve more success in the future.

On this occasion, I would also like to thank everyone who has cared about and supported me. Wishing everyone good health, optimism in life and full success in work.