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Entreprener Thanh Huong Thai Viet – Celebrity Style

Thanh Huong is known as a businessman with a beautiful style of dress with a distinct color, inspiring outfit combinations for businesswomen who prefer elegance but also many ways.

As a successful businessman and a queen of connecting billionaires in the business world, Thanh Huong asserts her reputation with enthusiasm, communication and business talent. Thanh Huong has been famous for more than 20 years now as the owner of the King Style brand – a unit specializing in the production of suitcases, backpacks and bags for domestic and foreign companies, this brand has produced for the market.
The export market and the domestic market have many beautiful designs, leading the trend and very competitive prices. King Style brand is a guarantee of quality and design, so it has been ordered by many famous domestic and foreign companies for many years. Not only that, Thanh Huong is also very successful in the field of real estate investment and healthcare.

Thanh Huong is admired by friends for her outstanding fashion style and sophistication, Thanh Huong favors sweet designs and favors bright tones. The confident style has helped Thanh Huong many times to dress sophisticatedly and stylishly but still keep her natural features. So what are the indispensable pieces in her fashion style?

In addition to her business reputation and talent, Thanh Huong’s popularity is thanks to her generosity
and standard, professional but very inspirational and quality fashion style. Thanh Huong’s fashion aesthetic
is considered a mark of a fitting style, elegant tones and extremely polite coordination.

More and more, she prefers elegant, sweet and feminine fashion, but from time to time she also breaks the way for everyday events with jeans that combine variously with feminine shirt designs in a minimalist and polite style.

Fashion for Thnah Huong is an appearance associated with the status of an entrepreneur. For her, the fashion style of a businesswoman is not to be so beautiful that it attracts the eyes of the opposite sex with tight-fitting clothes that hug the curves, but the secret of Thanh Huong’s charm lies in her politeness. confident and full of energy. Thanh Huong prefers monochromatic outfits, not flowers and flowers and she is very important
to the fabric because the fabric is the key to the overall fashion.

Thanh Huong is very fond of coats, she believes that jackets often make the wearer polite and create an attractive appearance in the crowd as a way of declaring her personality. Thanh Huong prefers neutral color spectrums such as black and white, but also does not hesitate to put on the most eyecatching colors such as dark pink, orange, yellow, green… in harmony with the natural landscape.

Thanh Huong also especially invests in highquality shoes and handbags, she likes closed-toe shoes because these shoes bring charm to a woman’s feet. Sunglasses are also an important accessory that makes up Thanh Huong’s fashion style, she likes classic and modern glasses.

The attraction of businessman Thanh Huong besides her fashion style is her ability to understand, but the reason why people admire her is also the reason why she works very professionally and gently. She deserves to be a beautiful image of a modern businesswoman.