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Entreprener Mai Bich Hanh – Being kind and optimistic leads to success

As a businessman, Mai Bich Hanh is known for always sowing seeds of goodness; This woman from Tay Ninh is also known for being successful but living a simple and compassionate life.

It is the clear worldview and always dedicating to serve life good things that Mai Bich Hanh soon reaps success and always meets lucky things in life. We had a conversation with her, a short but very useful and profound conversation.

After 3 years of translating, do you have any changes and do you have any advice for everyone?

3 years the pandemic has had a huge impact on the economy for me, almost a crisis, but I always stay positive and from the positive views I have comforted myself that these are general effects around the world. Who alone. I also consider myself lucky to have all my relatives. And my own health is a blessing. I would like to give advice to young people to always learn, cultivate, and try, so persistently step by step will have a successful day as desired.

Knowing that you are very successful in business, what are your strengths?

The work I have been most successful in is investing in real estate, but my failures are also in this field.

It is known that you often contribute to the construction of pagodas and temples, what lead you to do this?

Perhaps because my childhood was raised in a temple and was taken care of by the temple, when I was born, besides helping my family, the temple was always a home, a home, and I had to be responsible for paying filial piety to the monk. The Venerable Master has conceived and taught me since my childhood days.

What work will you focus on the most in the future?

I still maintain all of my current jobs, just developing a career in agricultural exploitation rather than business.

What is most important to you in this life?

The most important thing in my life is my health first, then let the 24 hours of my day pass in a meaningful and useful way.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

(Laughs) I’m both introverted and extroverted, I’m always balanced and adaptable to every situation to always feel at peace in every situation.

Which style do you prefer, classic or modern?

(Laughs) I like everything if conditions allow, I almost always choose a fashion style that adapts to every situation and space I appear in because for me being beautiful is the right thing.

How do you maintain your health and life balance?

I am fortunate to have independence and resilience from a young age, so it is easy for me to balance life and
health. Regarding health care, if in a day of work too much does not have enough time to eat on time, I will
choose to juice vegetables to supplement nutrition and combine milk, supplement the functional foods that I
have learned is reputable and good for further support. And if in life, when I encounter difficulties or failures, I
first choose to be calm and ask for the uppermost grace to protect and turn me around. Then I will look back
at the whole thing to understand why I fell into that failure. Once I have found the reason, I will strongly face the difficulties to overcome and overcome.

According to you, apart from taking care of beauty and health, how should a women be nurtured and strengthened their soul?

For me, beauty and health for women are very important, but the soul is even more important, it is necessary to take care to cultivate and beautify more every day. In this life, no one is perfect, so we have to clearly see our own shortcomings to let go of what is not good, cultivate more good points every day in all aspects, to be healthy. to have a better and more optimistic outlook on life. And from there, the new soul takes care of our health and beauty for a long time. The mind is born.

Thank you for taking the time to chat today.