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Entreprener EMILY NGUYEN – Youthful Beauty

Emily Nguyen left a deep mark in the role of founder and executive of the Emily Nguyen brand operating in the field of trade and real estate investment in Vietnam and internationally.


A fter graduating in Vietnam and starting a long career with work- study experiences, Thao Nguyen has undergone the process of self- development and studied in many countries around the world to develop her career. Currently, she has been successful in international trade, real estate and many other fields…

Possessing a modern face that has a bit of personality but has a classic look with thick flowing hair and sparkling eyes that always smile, making Emily Nguyen’s face very poetic and romantic.

Emily Nguyen’s fashion style is also very impressive. She often likes to mix clothes in a monochrome style
with flattering dresses. She is also very beautiful when wearing ao dai thanks to her well-proportioned
shoulders and ideal slim waist. Emily Nguyen is often loyal to pointy heels. Whether wearing ao dai or outfits for big events, or just casual dresses on the street, Emily Nguyen exudes elegant beauty. Red hair, slim body make her look attractive.

However, Emily Nguyen affirmed, it is impossible to be beautiful without the alluring of charisma. For her, the spirit and the natural are the two prerequisites to make the charm.

We had a talk with Emily Nguyen about her lifestyle and the things she cares about. 

Hi Emily Nguyen, how is the start of the new year, what areas of Emily Nguyen’s busy first year are focusing on the most?

Currently, I am focusing on my main work on trade connection between Vietnam and other countries.
After the recent Vietnamese New Year break, I have started to be busy again, preparing for the next business
trips to launch new plans and develop more projects in 2023. Hopefully. a favorable and successful new year.

Emily Nguyen is a person who always has a gentle style and a very bright smile, which proves that Emily Nguyen is a happy person?

Thank you for this good question. I think happiness is an emotional state of each person when an abstract
need is satisfied, happiness is a higher emotion. In humans, it is deeply human and often influenced by
reason more and is also associated with the concept of joy in life. For me, just living a little slower, living
happily, living healthy and enjoying what I have is the
happiest. Currently, I am very satisfied and happy to
be able to take care of my small family after a long day of busy work. Sometimes happiness is just a simple life
(happy smile).

Have you ever had a failure, and how did Emily Nguyen overcome it?

Life is not perfect, but failure often precedes success. I am also an ordinary person who cannot avoid failure. When facing too many crossroads in life, sometimes you will choose the wrong path and fail. That’s the nature of life when it gives you the right to choose and then let yourself walk on that same path. But on that road there are not only difficulties and barriers but also countless opportunities, it is important to know how to seize and make the most of that opportunity. Every day that passes means that we are still alive and still have opportunities, must know how to make efforts and try to make today better than yesterday, when life is difficult, we must strive to overcome it, not find a way to avoid it. , must be strong to face their own challenges. And that is what has helped me to overcome strongly to fulfill my future dreams and goals and that is the result today.

Emily Nguyen often travels, so what kind of trips does Emily Nguyen usually like?

In addition to being busy with long business trips, sometimes I also take some time to go somewhere to
relax with my small family. I often go to resorts with quiet beaches and fresh air to rest, read books and
enjoy time with my family.

Can Emily Nguyen share a little about Emily Nguyen’s small family?

I have 2 Sons. The oldest son is currently an international student in Japan, the younger son is studying in grade 4 at a French international school in Vietnam.

My husband is French Canadian. He is currently working at the World Bank and has participated in many projects of the Government of Vietnam.

He lives a simple life, happily sociable and is a responsible person in work and family. In addition to his busy work, the rest of the time he spends with his family, because of that, I have more time to develop myself and my career as I do now. I always wanted to say thank you to him for what he did for me and my family.

What is Emily Nguyen like at work?

At work, I am always strong and determined. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I do not give up easily, but also fight until the end for my goal. I always have a strong belief that can be said to be absolutely confident in myself when facing difficult situations, this is also the reason why others always believe in me. And that has made me more successful in business, I have many ideas about different strategies for each problem. I think in any situation as long as you are strong and confident, all problems will be solved.

My view of life in the family as well as in work or in society, just live with kindness and responsibility, I will be more active in all work and confident to develop myself. The sense of responsibility helps me not to be afraid of difficulties and challenges and willing to overcome to achieve the goal and that also creates my own value.

Thank you Emily Nguyen. Wish Emily Nguyen and her family always have good health, lots of joy and happiness.