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Do Thi Hang – Finding happiness at the age of 50 with a new opportunities

Do Thi Hang, born in 1973 in Ca Mau province, is currently residing and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Anyone who meets her is impressed and admires her for her smiling eyes and warm, considerate demeanor. From her early entrepreneurial days to the present, her main occupation has been trading. However, despite years of hard work, she had not been able to realize her dream of having a house in Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, past business failures had plunged her into a situation of debt with no way out. But in 2021, she was fortunate to encounter two individuals who helped her change her destiny.

Was 2021, a challenging pandemic year, unexpectedly a year that brought you a good opportunity?

Sometimes, when it seems like we are at a dead end, it can be the moment to turn things around and discover new opportunities. In 2021, I was almost desperate, but unexpectedly, it turned out to be a year that opened up a significant opportunity for me. In fact, since 2019, someone had shared with me the business opportunity with Win-Win 9319, but at that time, I had unresolved issues and lacked the right circumstances, so I didn’t fully commit to the work. In 2021, a friend shared the opportunity with me again, and this time, I felt it was a great chance, so I decided to dedicate time to the job.

How did you start your new job?

I began by learning. I studied extensively about the products, their uses, and health benefits. I found that the products distributed by Win-Win 9319 had many advantages. Another advantage at Win-Win 9319 is the camaraderie among members, always ready to help each other. I attended courses on products and business mindset by Mr. Vo Hong Tam, and I felt fortunate and happy to have chosen a job that I liked with many conveniences. Director Ngoc Mi also shared and helped me a lot, so in January 2022, I truly started dedicating all my time to this job.

What achievements have you attained?

I devoted myself to the job at the beginning of 2022, and within just six months, I achieved the Ruby award of 10 million VND and the Six Star award of 6 gold rings from Bitney Fans Club. In the following six months, I received the Emerald award of 50 million VND and the Five Star award of 5 gold rings. At the beginning of 2023, I received the Emerald 1-star award of 100 million VND and the Sponsor King award of 10 gold rings. Director Ngoc Mi supported me with over 2 billion VND in reward points to spread my sharing to the community.

Congratulations! These are truly remarkable achievements. You must have a lot of motivation for your current and future work!

I never expected to achieve such success. Perhaps it’s because I believe in the product, and I simply share what I find good. I just want everyone to have the opportunity to use these products, thereby having a good chance for employment. Now, I am very happy with my job because I am about to realize my dream of having a house in Ho Chi Minh City.

Can you share a bit about your small family?

(Laughing) I am already a grandmother to four grandchildren. My first child is 31 years old, and the second is 26. Both of my children are married, so I have both grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am happy to be a grandmother and still have the opportunity to achieve my goals, earn money, and constantly learn from colleagues. With a good job and a happy family, I find life beautiful, happy, and meaningful.

Thank you for taking the time to share. Wishing you continued happiness and even more success.