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Dao Minh Hieu and the fortune with BITNEY WIN-WIN9319

Dao Minh Hieu, 39 years old, was born and raised in his hometown, Ben Tre. Hailing from a humble workingclass family, he grew up with numerous dreams and aspirations. At the age of 18, Minh Hieu left his hometown for Ho Chi Minh City to start a career and pursue his dreams and aspirations.

Upon his first arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Hieu found himself bewildered by everything, including the people around him. He consistently questioned himself about how he would fulfill his dreams.

After many sleepless nights contemplating this question, he decided to find a job to financially support himself before embarking on the journey to fulfill his dreams.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Hieu was invited by a friend to explore and find work at Hoc Mon wholesale market. He thought this would be the starting point for building his dreams, but life turned out to be more complex than he had imagined. He got caught up in the whirlwind of work, leaving him with no time to think about his goals and dreams. His job at the market was demanding, and it disrupted his body’s natural circadian rhythm. While others slept, he had to stay awake because the market’s operations involved receiving and transferring goods at night. Minh Hieu and his friends jokingly referred to themselves as ” night owls.” While others slept at night, he and his friends stayed awake, but when others were awake in the morning, he also had to stay awake because the market was busy during those hours. By noon, when others took a nap, he could manage to get a bit of rest. Sometimes, when returning from work, he was cycling while dozing off. This routine repeated for many years, leading to a decline in his health. As for his career and dreams, what happened? After spending nine years at the wholesale market, despite the hardships, his career remained stagnant.

Fortunately, Minh Hieu did not let those hardships extinguish his dreams. Every day, he observed young
people dressed in stylish attire, wearing expensive watches, driving luxury cars, and carrying high-end
laptops to upscale workplaces. In his mind, he always thought these were privileged children from wealthy
families, living such extravagant lives because of their parents’ wealth. However, a chance conversation with a friend enlightened him to the truth. These young individuals with dream jobs weren’t wealthy heirs; they earned their money through their own efforts, having dream-worthy careers. At this point, Minh Hieu wondered why these young people could achieve such feats, why they were younger than him and yet making more money, enjoying such comfortable lives. He began seeking answers for himself, exploring various opportunities to improve his quality of life. Despite facing failures in his attempts to start his own business due to limited knowledge, he remained in debt, borrowing money not only in Vietnam but also from acquaintances in other countries. There were times when he couldn’t even afford 3,000 dong for the bus or 2,000 dong for a cup of iced tea. However, he kept reassuring himself that if others could do it, so could he; if others could succeed, so could he, and thus, he didn’t give up.

Minh Hiếu particularly resonates with the phrase, “When your desire is strong enough, the universe will
conspire to help you.” And the fateful day of his life arrived on April 29, 2021, when Minh Hieu met Master Vo Hong Tam. Master Vo Hong Tam introduced Minh Hieu to the remarkable Multi Juice product and the painless consumption opportunity, the wealth-building chance with Bitney Corporation. Hearing Master Vo Hong Tam’s share, Minh Hieu immediately believed that this was the unique opportunity that could change his life. He seized it, bought Multi Juice, and experienced remarkable results. Minh Hieu engaged in Zoom sessions for learning every day. He began sharing his story to help many people in situations similar to his own.

Guided by Master Vo Hong Tam and Director Le Ngoc Mi of Win-Win 9319, Minh Hieu gained a deeper understanding of the products and the company’s program. After over 2 years of collaboration with BITNEY FANS CLUB and Win-Win 9319, supported by the excellent leadership of Master Vo Hong Tam and Director Le Ngoc Mi and the trust of his fellow collaborators, Minh Hieu was honored with his first Emerald 50 million VND award at the global recognition event organized by Bitney Fans Club in Da Nang.

With an unwavering spirit of continuous learning and sharing health values with the community, he continued spreading the word and was honored a second time in Malaysia with the Emerald 1-Star 100 million VND award. Most recently, he proudly received the same award at the global recognition event in Thailand.

Minh Hieu shared his thoughts: “After 2 years of learning, working, and developing with Win-Win 9319,
I’ve drawn a deeply cherished lesson from the saying: We earn money by walking on two legs, but when we create value, money finds its way to us by eight legs”.

To achieve the accomplishments like today, whom do you want to express gratitude and appreciation to?

I am immensely grateful to my two mentors, who are also my benefactors, Master Vo Hong Tam and
Director Le Ngoc Mi of Win-Win 9319. Thanks to these two, both myself, my family, and over 10,000
households in Vietnam and internationally have experienced improvements in health and lifestyle.

These achievements are not mine alone; they belong to the entire network of collaborators and customers
within my system. I am profoundly thankful to my fellow collaborators and customers who have placed
their trust in me and accompanied me throughout the past and upcoming times.

I also extend my deepest appreciation to Dr. Ricky Beh, the President and founder of Bitney Fans Club,
for creating a once-in-a-millennium opportunity – the painless consumption program and wealth-building
consumption of Bitney Fans Club. I appreciate Dato Nick Lim, the Director of Global Business Development, for bringing the Multi Juice product to Vietnam. Special thanks to Mr. Tat Van Hao, the Director of Bitney Vietnam, for ensuring the security that allows me and thousands of people in Vietnam to conduct business with peace of mind.

My immediate goal is to help a minimum of 9319 people achieve good health and change their quality of
life, just like I did.

Could you share a bit about your own family?

I am a single father with a 14-year-old son. I am very satisfied with my life.

Thank you. I wish you ongoing happiness and the swift accomplishment of your goals.